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Supporters Club


The Cornwall Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs hold a draw every month in which every member of the “SUPPORTERS CLUB” is automatically entered. Every member has the chance to win annually £1,000 and then eleven monthly draws of £100.

As a member you will receive a yearly newsletter giving details of all the Young Farmers’ forthcoming events and results of previous competitions, together with a membership card giving you free admission to the Cornwall YFC’S principal events.

For just £15 per year you will be included in multiple cash prize draws of up to £2,100 annually , free admission to many events and most importantly support our cause.       


Cash Prizes

  • Chance to win £100 Monthly. Across 11 Monthly draws.
  • Chance to win £1000 Annually. In The annual draw.

Free Admission

  • Free Admission to The County Rally
  • Free Admission to The Cornish Country Fair

£2100 Annually


The monthly results announced as follows:

  • May - June will be announced in June at the Royal Cornwall Show.
  • July - October will be announced in October at the Annual General Meeting.
  • November - February will be announced in February at the Winter Entertainments Final.   

The Annual Draw will also take place in February.